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The Internet is a great place. Unlike my father, who still believes that it\'s all just a \"fad\" and will \"die\" one day, I believe the exact opposite in that more and more people will eventually be using it as a means to get their information and that typical media outlets like TV, radio, magazines and newspapers will suffer (a recent study showed that 13-24 year olds now spend more time online than they do watching TV). Then again, I guess you could say that I\'m in a pretty biased position to state all that, right? All that to say that after all these years on the Net, I just discovered yet another very cool thing that it\'s spawned: websites that create REPLACEMENT DVD COVERS!!

That\'s right, consider the hundreds of dvds in your own collection and consider the number of them whose covers just plain suck! Well, now sites like dvdcoverart.com and spleenworld.com are offering thousands of replacement covers (front and back) that you can download and print on a color printer for use on your own DVDs (if you can\'t print them yourself, the former site will also print them for you, for a charge). DVDcoverart.com is extremely well-organized at this, and has a variety of covers from many of the more popular films (do a search of LOTR or STAR WARS and stand back), but unlike the latter site, also charges for their downloads.

It\'s a small amount, so if you think it\'s worth it (you can search their entire database for covers that you like), it might be worth the bucks (we have no relation to either of these sites, btw...just thought it was interesting). Anyway, below are a few of the covers that I thought were cool, so feel free to check out the sites if interested. And oh yeah, BOOOOOOOOOOOO to Fox for once again proving that they are NOT good sports by asking dvdcoverart.com to remove all Fox-related items. That\'s right, Fox...why support the online FAN community, right!?! Makes sense to me...alienate them from your films even further. Bah.

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