Stallone\'s Thugz

\"\" Hey, remember when we told you some time ago that there was talk about Sly Stallone writing, directing and possibly starring in a movie based on the unsolved murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls called THUGZ LIVES? Yeah, that was too odd to forget, right? Now seriously, did anyone actually think that the project would get off the ground? I personally thought that it would eventually be dropped by the wayside with the rest of Sly\'s career (as sad and undeserved as that may be...), but the film apparently has a full head of steam and is moving towards the casting stage. When speaking to The Chicago Sun Times recently, Stallone was was asked about recruiting some of today\'s hottest names in Hip Hop for the soundtrack of the film, to which the Sly-ster spilled the beans that not only will they appear on the soundtrack, but alluded to the fact that the film will be littered with rappers as well: \"Yes, but I shouldn\'t talk about it too much because it\'s very competitive. I don\'t want to burn some bridges or be burned on the bridge. We\'re just getting into it right now and getting the cast together. A lot of the rappers will be new faces and I\'ll be going with people in the hip-hop community.\" Hmmm. A predominantly Hip Hop cast for a movie about two slain Hip Hop moguls? Genius! ;)

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