Fun with Scarface SE DVD

Release Date: September 30, 2003

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Unlike FARGO, SCARFACE didn\'t get any wooden statues erected of him in the name of his 20th anniversary or SPECIAL EDITION DVD, but it was, on the other hand, re-released in a number of theaters on September 19th, with a special red carpet premiere reuniting much of the cast from the film. Check out the pics below and note how Michelle Pfeiffer looks BETTER today than she did 20 years ago and how Pacino seems to be in-training for his upcoming part in either the sequel to CAST AWAY or that movie that Brad Pitt was supposed to do with his mangy beard... ;)

But there\'s no way that anyone can discuss the world and movie that is SCARFACE without mentioning the fun that Pacino had with the dialogue and even more importantly, the fun that WE continue to have with the dialogue to this day. Yes, that\'s right...I\'ve integrated the word \"meng\" into my speech many a time and let me tell you...it\'s gotten me out of plenty a jam. Trust me fellas, flutter your tongue around like good ol\' Manny did in the film and you\'ll have the chickitas rolling all over you (or suing you for sexual harassment). The world is yours! Fly pelican...fly! 

To that end, you just GOTTA check out this fun SCARFACE SOUNDBOARD (if you\'re at work, I suggest you lower your volume before you start playing around with it though), which incorporates many of the film\'s cooler lines, and will surely give you even more nostalgic reasons to check out this very cool movie (although I have to admit that it sucks that it doesn\'t include one of my favorite lines of all about the power, the money and the women!!) REBENGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! PS: Click on \"F*ck you\"-- it\'s also a classic. Now check out the film\'s neat DVD MENUS below, as well as its extra features:


  • The Rebirth of Scarface (10 mins.)

  • Acting Scarface (15 mins.)

  • Creating Scarface (30 mins.)

  • Scarface: The TV Version - a look at the two versions (3 mins)

  • Deleted scenes (22 mins.)

  • Def Jam presents The Origins of a Gangsta\' (30 mins)

  • Widescreen anamorphic format

  • Number of discs: 2

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