25th Hour script review

Our pal Honest Abe is back with another script review.  This time he takes an early read at the upcoming Spike Lee/Edward Norton film THE 25TH HOUR.   Here's Abe with the details:

THE 25TH HOUR (positive, minor spoilers)
Ed Norton and Spike Lee team up for a look at the last night of a drug hustler before he's sent to prison for a 7 year stretch. Monty is the guy that everyone in the neighborhood goes to. Parts of the story are told in quick flashbacks as we see him interact with his girlfriend and how they met, as well as some of his friends. Basically, he's having a goodbye party thrown for him at a local hotspot nightclub owned by Uncle Blue, a Russian mafioso who thinks that Monty ratted him out to the Feds who are gonna be kicking down his door any minute. We also meet his friends, Jakob the high school teacher with a crush on a student and Slattery, the big brother type lug. We meet his father, a local bar owner, there's Kostya a Russian henchman but a good friend too, and again, his live-in girlfriend, Naturelle, who Monty begins to believe is the one who told the Feds on him.

This is a serious character study in what goes through a man's mind on his final night of freedom. Friends who have drifted and loyalties are tested all occur in but a few hours. Aside from thinking about the hell he's about to enter, Monty wants to tie up a few loose ends and say a few words to some people. Being a fan of some of Lee's works, I hope he can bring an intensity to this like he did with CLOCKERS. It starts out slow and even when it does pick up, there's no action. It's a somber straight talking drama that is going to require the right atmosphere and incredible performances from all involved. I know Norton won't disappoint. Unfortunately, Lee's more recent films haven't done well and this doesn't necessarily scream blockbuster but rather a subtle independent drama. Done correctly, this could be a wonderful little film about life and what's important and taking chances. If there's one problem is that if Norton's not careful he could come across as a little too moody. Granted, he's going to jail the next morning and I'm not saying he should be spouting jokes but a few times the intensity was to the point that I thought Monty was going to implode, or explode.....or just....plode. Anyways, if you're a fan of Norton, this should definitely be on your "to view" list.

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