27 Dresses trailer

Katherine Heigl Following her star making turn in KNOCKED UP, mammarily gifted "Grey's Anatomy" bombshell Katherine Heigl decided to go with a safe romantic comedy for her follow-up. In 27 DRESSES, she stars as a woman who's been a bridesmaid 27 times and becomes absolutely fed up with it when her sister gets engaged to the man she's secretly in love with. However, James Marsden comes along to knock some sense into her and conveniently becomes the man she falls in love with and finally marries. If that sounds like a spoiler to you, fear not, this is all shown in the extremely revealing trailer that recently debuted on Yahoo. Plus, it's a relatively generic, predictable story. Still, it's a date movie. And it puts romance loving women's (and their significant others) asses in theater seats. Check out the trailer over HERE. It's set for release January 11th.

Extra Tidbit: The film's director, Anne Fletcher, is a long time choreographer who previously directed the surprise hit STEP UP.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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