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Here\'s a trivia question for you. What movie did legendary director Francis Ford Coppola do after his two first GODFATHER successes, THE CONVERSATION and APOCALYPSE NOW? The answer (which was news to me) is a love story called ONE FROM THE HEART starring Teri Garr, Raul Julia and Harry Dean Stanton. Weird, eh? Well, if you haven\'t seen it (and don\'t feel bad because very few people have), you\'ll get your chance on January 27, 2004 -- only a week before his daughter\'s LOST IN TRANSLATION is released -- as a special 2-disc DVD of the film is released. That title is only one of the many new DVD RELEASE DATES added to the site today.

In fact, it looks like the lovely Paris Hilton is also coming to DVD (I could have made an easy joke there, but I\'ll let you have that one yourself), but not in the form that most of us would have liked. The FIRST SEASON of her \"The Simple Life\" reality TV show is set for release on January 27, but the funny part is that the show hasn\'t even aired yet! It launches on December 2nd on Fox. Hmmmm, I wonder if one of the conscionable higher-ups at Fox made that decision in order to take advantage of the monstrous publicity that the sexy heiress has been getting of late? No, no...they wouldn\'t be that money-grubby-hungry, would they? Anyhoo, a bunch of cool new DVD covers below and THE CRITIC....woo-hoo!!

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