3 for Zwick's Drugs

Viagra "Switch"

Edward Zwick, the director usually associated with grand-scale epics and intense dramas, is making a dramatic comedy about a Viagra salesman's relation to a woman afflicted by Parkinson's. I love that pitch, makes it absolutely impossible to predict the outcome. Even moreso with Donnie Darko himself selling the blue pills opposite his BROKEBACK co-star Anne Hattaway, along with the quirky-cute Judy Greer.

LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS, based on the memoir by Jamie  Reidy, attracted itself an even crazier cast with The Hollywood Reporter announcing the addition of Hank Azaria as a down-there doctor, Oliver Platt as Gyllenhaal's boss and poor ol' Gabriel Macht as Hattaway's boyfriend. Not enough to have played The Spirit, the guy will now be the butt of bad Viagra jokes...

That movie will probably serve to remind us all that years before THE LAST SAMURAI, Zwick directed Rob Lowe in ABOUT LAST NIGHT... Production should start sometime this month, without an arrested release date yet.

Extra Tidbit: Why hasn't Judy Greer been featured in Movie Hotties yet? She's no Diora Baird but she's got that irresistible little something. AND she's a redhead - love those!



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