3 join X-Files 2

Amanda Peet, Xzibit and Billy Connolly have signed on to join David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in the upcoming X-FILES: DONE ONE. While Fox would obviously not confirm any details of their roles, The Hollywood Reporter says Xzibit and Peet will play fellow FBI agents to Mulder and Scully. Connolly will play a Scottish guy with a goatee. Xzibit had been scheduled to star in Oliver Stone's PINKVILLE, was freed up for X-FILES 2 when Stone's film was put on hold due to the strike. It may be the only time in history where we see someone have rapper, "Pimp My Ride" host and "FBI Agent" on their resume. Pretty impressive career. Chris Carter is directing X-FILES based on a script he co-wrote with Frank Spotnitz. Filming is set to begin next month in Vancouver and unfortunately Fox will probably have a lockdown on the set, which means no set visit. Which would be a shame because I'd love to finally confront Gillian Anderson about that one night stand. You never call? You said you would call but you never called.

Extra Tidbit: X-FILES 2 is set to hit theaters next July.



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