300: The Battle of Artemisia has cast its lead Greek today

Sullivan Stapleton shirtlessIn an Australian version of hot potato, the lead role of Greek general Themistocles that was once being eyed by Joel Edgerton (WARRIOR) before he moved on to the lead in Katherine Bigelow's KILL BIN LADIN has now found its way to his ANIMAL KINGDOM co-star Sullivan Stapleton.

There was a strange rumor that he would actually be playing Xerxes, but that isn't the case as negotiations are in effect which would bring back Rodrigo Santoro from 300 to reprise his role of hairless-god-king. In fact, 300: THE BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA was once entitled XERXES, so I'd say it's a pretty important role to get figured out.

The prequel deals with Xerxes' ascent to the place of "godhood' in which we find him at the opening of 300 within the framework of the naval battle at Artemisium and concurrent Battle of Thermopylae, both of which were masterminded by Themistocles.

And then there's Eva Green, possible co-star of 300: THE BATTLE OF ARTEMESIA, who is so sultry that it's just absurd:

Eva Green leaning

Extra Tidbit: When I first saw 300, I left the theater itching to impale something. I didn't, of course, but I was just so pumped.
Source: Deadline



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