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Wow, talk about a monster update! The studios seem to be revving up for the holiday sales with tons upon tons of new DVD RELEASE DATES, as well as a bunch of nifty new covers. Thank the Lord oh-mighty and check out the doozy cover on the ED WOOD special Edition below. Nice!! SCHINDLER\'S LIST has also finally been announced on DVD with a special 2-disc edition coming out on March 9, 2004, while recent theatrical releases like RADIO, IN THE CUT, RUNAWAY JURY and INTOLERABLE CRUELTY have also found comfortable new homes among the 2004 dvd release schedule. Me likey the cute PIECES OF APRIL cover as well...if you\'ve got Katie Holmes in your movie...put Katie Holmes on the cover of your movie, baby!

A bunch of collections are also coming out very soon including the movies of Ingmar Bergman, Sidney Poitier and yes, even a set of BLAXPLOITATION movies called the \"Soul Cinema\". For Ahnuld fans, relive the days of his \"Satisfaction\" with RAW DEAL, while perverts can check out THIRTEEN (I\'ve ordered 12 copies myself). As for my favorite movie of the year so far, CITY OF GOD, it has finally found a home on February 17, 2004, a day all of you should mark down on your calendars so that you could check out this very awesome film. You can see a few of the new additions below, or head on over to our RELEASE DATES section for all the latest.

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