Batman vs Alien vs Predator?


Some of you may have already seen this short film at the San Diego Comic Con this past summer, or downloaded it off the Net since then, but seeing as the next installment of the BATMAN movie series is rarin\' to go, we thought we\'d get the hype-machine started on Mr. Wayne and his alter-ego, with a presentation of an extremely cool, well...I\'d call it a \"short action sequence\", featuring Batman, The Joker, Alien and Predators?? Hand to God, they all make groovy appearances in this dark little flick and let me tell you, these are 8 minutes that you won\'t soon forget! Head on over to TheForce.net\'s FanFilms section RIGHT HERE in order to download your copy now.

If that\'s not what every true-blue Bathead wants the next Batman to look like, I\'m a monkey\'s aunt. In fact, writer/director Kevin Smith apparently said of the short: \"An amazing piece of work...possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made.\" Wow, that\'s saying something, eh? You can read more about the man who created this film, Sandy Collora, at his OFFICIAL SITE, or check out this quickie interview with him, in which it\'s said that the amazingly good-looking short only cost $30,000 to make. Anyway, enjoy the video and if you weren\'t able to download the fan-made FIGHT CLUB PARODY the last time we plugged it on our site, you might want to give that a shot today as well (just hope their site doesn\'t crash again). Thanks to \'Jean Seb\' for the head\'s up. Some pics below...

Source: Theforce.net
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