Knoxville\'s next

Continuing to distance himself from the boys who shoot bottle rockets out of their ass and ride around town with fake babies on the roof of their cars (actually, that was him), Johnny Knoxville is slated to show up in yet another real movie. This time around it will be L.A.P.I. for first time director Shane Black, the writer of all the LETHAL WEAPON movies. The crime/romance flick has also been linked to names such as Hugh Grant (wouldn\'t that make it a British romance) and the very awesome Benicio Del Toro. It\'s reported that the film used to be called YOU\'LL NEVER DIE IN THIS TOWN AGAIN but IMDB still lists them as separate titles which means somebody\'s lying to me. Heads are going to roll. Knoxville has been a busy man since his JACKASS days. The bigger idiot you are nowadays, the bigger the paycheck, just watch MTV for five minutes if you don\'t believe me. If I would have known this ten years ago me and my friends would be household names, but I\'m not about living in the past, and neither is Knoxville. Coming up for the man that once walked around the city with a 8 inch prop boner for our enjoyment are WALKING TALL with The Rock, THE RINGER, a story about fixing the Special Olympics, and A DIRTY SHAME with Tracey Ullman, Selma Blair, and Chris Isaak.

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