SW on DVD official!

Lucasfilm finally announced yesterday that the last of the great DVD hold-outs would be released later this year. The original STAR WARS trilogy will be released in a four-disc box-set on September 21st for an approximate price of $50. Like the INDIANA JONES box-set, the DVDs will not be available separately. While a complete list of special features were not announced, the fourth disc will be devoted to \"never-before-seen footage from the making of each film\" and all films will feature an audio commentary from George Lucas and others. It was also not confirmed but expect to see the first trailer for EPISODE III included on the disc. In a move sure to spark debate among STAR WARS fans, the original film, as seen in theaters, will not be included on the discs. Instead what you will see are \"special-edition versions\" of each movie, similar to the re-releases in the late-90s. The news that STAR WARS was coming to DVD was imminent as Lucasfilm threw a bash last year for select retailers to discuss STAR WARS marketing plans for the years ahead. But the news today is the first public acknowledgement they\'ve made of the DVDs. EPISODE III is set for release in May of 2005. Eventually I\'m sure you\'ll see a DVD box-set of the new trilogy and then a comprehensive box-set of all six STAR WARS movies. They just love that fanboy money...

Source: Variety
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