Best DVD set - ever!

The end of this week is Valentine\'s Day, the lamest excuse in the world to buy shit for the girl or guy who\'s pants your trying to squeeze into. Trying to find that perfect gift? Well, if your loved one does any of the following, 1. has an all region DVD player, 2. lives in Japan, or 3. exists only in your imagination, then I have what you\'re looking for. For a measly $300 U.S. you can own the greatest looking DVD boxed set of all time. Japan\'s ALIEN: 25th Anniversary Collection mirrors our own quadrilogy set with it\'s nine DVDS and all, but that\'s where the comparisons stop since our set is a...... well, it\'s a box, and this thing could give Sigourney Weaver some serious flashback nightmares. Honestly, look at how sweet this thing is! For most of us, all we\'re going to be able to do is look at it because this bad-boy is not being released in North America. Damn you Japan! Here\'s hoping Godzilla wakes up with a hangover real soon. 

Source: DVDFanatic
Tags: Hollywood



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