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Yeah, I realize that I\'m just beating a dead horse at this point, but I\'m a fanboy at heart and when there\'s a movie that I really like (it was my #2 movie of 2003, after all), I want to push it as best as I can here. THE LAST SAMURAI wasn\'t as grand a success as lots of people had anticipated in North America, but according to BoxOfficeMojo.com, the film is cleaning up internationally and may just finish with close to $500 million overall ($110M from North America), making it the 2nd most successful Tom Cruise movie ever...after MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2! Not bad for a film that \"didn\'t do well\".  Thanks to \'Tuukka\' for that head\'s up.

The film\'s 2-disc Special Edition DVD is slated for May 4th, so be sure to, at the very least, rent it at that time, and give it a shot in your homebase. If you really don\'t like it, drop me a line and tell me to go f*ck myself. It\'s all good. I really think most people will enjoy this movie. DavidDVD just received a revised copy of the cover, which may have been part of the problem in North America, as the film didn\'t exactly receive the best marketing campaign (even I thought it looked like crap before seeing it) You can now pre-order the DVD at Amazon.com, and scroll a little further down to see its jampacked extras. Great movie that looks like a great dvd! 

-- pre-order the DVD --

  • Commentary by director Edward Zwick
  • Tom Cruise: A Warriors Journey featurette
  • Edward Zwick video journal
  • Making An Epic: A Conversation w/ Edward Zwick & Tom Cruise
  • History vs Hollywood (History Channel Documentary)
  • A World Of Detail production design featurette
  • Silk and Armour costume design featurette
  • Imperial Army basic training featurette
  • From Soldier To Samurai: The Weapons featurette
  • Deleted scenes
  • Japan Premiere footage
  • Theatrical trailer
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