Bubba Ho-Tep DVD!

Looks like MGM\'s Home Entertainment is relying on the star power of Bruce Campbell and Elvis for the cover art of their DVD release of BUBBA HO-TEP due on May 25th. Easily one of my favorite films of 2003, BUBBA is getting a very special treatment for it\'s video version and I expect they will be rewarded with outstanding numbers in sales and rentals as not everyone had a chance to catch the film in theatres. This movie had a cult following before it was even released. The disc will come in limited edition packaging and a behind the scenes scrapbook with comments from Campbell and writer/director Don Coscarelli for a retail price of $27.98 (US). The following is the complete list of special features to be included. Note the commentary by Elvis. Pure genius.

• Feature-length audio commentary by Coscarelli and star Bruce Campbell
• Feature-length audio commentary by “Elvis” (i.e. Bruce)
• Seven minutes of never-before-seen deleted scenes
• A reading by Joe R. Lansdale from his “Bubba Ho-Tep” short story
• 20-minute making-of documentary
• “To Make A Mummy”: An inside look at how the filmmakers created the ancient creature
• “To Score a King”: A discussion on the scoring of the music by composer Brian Tyler and Coscarelli
• “Fit for a King”: A behind-the-scenes look at Campbell’s makeup and wardrobe
• Animated photo gallery featuring behind-the-scenes stills from the film
• Original theatrical trailer
• Easter egg: an alternate trailer by Coscarelli

Source: MGM
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