Star Wars DVD covers

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Fox Legal has asked all websites to remove the
pictures of the STAR WARS dvd covers, so we have done so
*** UPDATE ***

Despite the fact that many a fanboy have given up on George Lucas and his latest STAR WARS flicks and even more importantly, his company\'s insane money-grubbing-to-the-detriment-of-maintaining-their-dignity and-fans fervor, the bottom line with the second 3 episodes of the STAR WARS series (which they shot first, from 1977 to 1983-- with me so far?) is that they still invoke in many of us, the original rush sensation that STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI shot-gunned into our bloodstreams as pre-teen movie nerds. It goes without saying that many of the fanboys working on this very site are major fans of the original series and likely began their major movie geekness around that time.

Unfortunately for us, Lucas and his cohorts have decided NOT to provide us with the opportunity to purchase the original theatrical STAR WARS movies on dvd, but rather the SPECIAL EDITIONS only, that is...until they need a few more billion in a few years and come out with the original set for more money. Sigh. Am I bitter enough for you? All that said, the good news (yes, there is some good news here) is that the DVD covers have been uncovered by some Internet website called Kamuiweb (who knew!) and they feature three variant versions (called THE FINAL CONFLICT, JEDI VS DARKSIDE and THE IMPERIAL COLLECTION) of the 4-disc set (September 21st). I dig \'em. Check out the coolest one below and click it to see the others. Thanks to \'wrathdotd\' for the head\'s up...

Source: Kamuiweb
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