DVD trend hits 007

It was only a matter of time before the DVD industry came full force with bigger and better ideas on how to empty the bank accounts of true fans of film. First we got a glimpse of this extremely original and badass packaging of the ALIEN set from Japan and now DVD Answers has scored some artwork of what next year\'s James Bond 40th Anniversary Box-set might look like. It\'s going to be 20 discs and a shitload of money. I\'m a little torn if this becomes the latest trend. On one hand, they look amazing and the possibilities are endless for some upcoming titles to follow suit such as the recently announced FRIDAY THE 13th set (giant hockey mask anyone?), but what bank am I going to rob so my collection is kept up-to-date? And consider all the franchises that missed the boat. Can we expect a new Indiana Jones set complete with fedora and whip? A BACK TO THE FUTURE edition delivered within a model of the DeLorean? Don\'t even get me started on George Lucas and the shit he\'ll pull with the movies formerly known as STAR WARS. Come to think of it, those new shots of the upcoming DVD art were pulled from the internet today..... oh shit. Another problem is storage. Instead of simply adding to my perfectly organized shelf of  favorites, I\'m going to have to clear a wing of the house to support my habit. Click on the image below to see a couple more variations of the planned set and then start a collection and re-organize the living room so you can buy it next October.

Source: DVDAnswers
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