3D movies coming to airplanes and cars

Because you love it so much at the movie theater, 3D movies are on their way to airplanes and cars next.

But before you get too upset, the news item is that the screen will be glasses free from MasterImage 3D, a company pioneering the tech. They already make the glasses-free 3D tech for smartphones and tablets, but they're looking to expand it to other areas including airplanes and cars. They won't comment on which companies they're talking to, but this could be something you see in a few years.

I haven't experienced glasses free 3D myself yet, so I can't quite comment on if this is a significant step forward. From what I gather, it's more like you're seeing stuff deep BEHIND the picture rather than having stuff pop out of it like you see with glasses. Is this a better or worse effect?

I think as the technology continues to be perfected, it will probably be worthwhile, and I think 3D will only truly become the mainstream format once glasses are no longer required. What say you?

Extra Tidbit: How does it look on the 3DS?
Source: THR



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