4 Fred Claus posters

I'm not a fan of Christmas movies. ELF? Shit. THE SANTA CLAUSE? Garbage. CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS? Unwatchable, I'm assuming). Maybe it's because these movies are mere attempts at cashing in during the holiday season or maybe it's because they cater to a false sense of sentimentality and morality that doesn't exist in the real world, or maybe it's because Santa never brought me that f*cking microscope I asked for twelve years ago, I don't know. I just don't like them. Having said that, these four new posters BELOW for FRED CLAUS make me hate them even more. The movie stars Vince Vaughan as Fred, who heads to the North Pole to visit his more successful (to put it mildly) brother Santa (Paul Giamatti).

Hasn't the whole elf thing been sucked dry? Are elves automatically funny because they're small and dress like assholes? And those taglines, wow. 'Fred rocks the toy shop.' Someone must have pulled an all-nighter to come up with that one. This is the first re-teaming of Vaughan and director David Dobkin since their megahit THE WEDDING CRASHERS, and I'm not one to be entirely swayed by movie marketing, but there is something so souless about these posters that it extinguishes all hope I had for this movie. Ninja elves, yeesh.

Extra Tidbit: For a movie with posters like that, the cast is absurdly strong, with names like Kevin Spacey, Miranda Richardson, Rachel Weisz, Elizabeth Banks, Kathy Bates, and Even Ludacris making appearances.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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