4 Happyness clips

The Pursuit of Happyness Big Willy's back, ladies and gentlemen, and this time he's in SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION mode. You know, acting mode. Not in Action Willy blowing-shit-up BAD BOYS or I, ROBOT mode, Animated Willy SHARK TALE mode or Romcom Willy lovey dovey HITCH mode but full-on, heart-wrenching, going all out for an Oscar mode. The film, of course, is THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, in which he portrays the real-life Chris Gardner who, living in desperate poverty with his son, landed an internship at a brokerage firm and, through good, old-fashioned hard work and determination, rose to prominence and success. Need more convincing to check out this movie, ya cranky bastard? Then get your ass over to Yahoo for four clips. The film opens December 15th.

Extra Tidbit: The film's misspelled title comes from the daycare center, "Fun Joy Happyness", where Gardner used to take his son, in which the owner tells him it doesn't matter to the children how the word is spelled, only that they have happiness.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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