40 still sexy!

Perhaps it's the fact that I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore, but 40 isn't looking too bad for some actresses in Hollywood. Specifically for the actresses who've just signed on to the comedy THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE. Robin Wright Penn and Julianne Moore (both in their 40s) have signed on to co-star with Winona Ryder (not 40 yet, but close) in the dramedy based on the novel of the same name. Rebecca Miller, who also wrote the novel, will direct the film about a woman who, after discovering her husband is having an affair, has a nervous breakdown while exploring her sexuality. Mmmm, MILFy sexuality! Call me crazy but Moore, Penn and Ryder are all pretty much hotties. You can have your Vanessa Hudgens - I'll take these ladies any day of the week. I hope I'm still looking that good when I'm at that age... Producing the film is Brad Pitt through his Plan B production company. Filming is expected to begin next April in Connecticut. Penn can be seen next in BEOWULF while Moore has the thriller BLINDNESS and Ryder is filming the ensemble THE INFORMERS with Billy Bob Thornton.

Extra Tidbit: Winona Ryder is almost 40? God, I feel old...
Source: Variety



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