DVDs ripping you off?

It seems that before he had his final showdown with The Bride, master assassin Bill had one last trick up his sleeve. The nefarious Bill will try to stick his hands in each one of our pockets and yank out a couple dollars worth of hard-earned cash. Yes, you\'ve been robbed. And if you haven\'t, you\'re about to. Miramax is planning on releasing no less than six (SIX!) versions of KILL BILL on DVD with hopes of either conning unsuspecting viewers into buying more than one version or taking advantage of Tarantino devotees who collect DVDs. It\'s an all-too-popular M.O. for home entertainment companies who repeatedly return to the same well in an attempt to get \"multiple bites at the apple,\" according to Miramax Chief Operating Officer Rick Sands. The New York Times spoke with Mr. Sands last Tuesday when he revealed the studio\'s plans for six different versions. He said rather callously, \"This is the beauty of having two volumes...VOL. 1 goes out, VOL. 2 goes out, then VOL. 1 SPECIAL EDITION, VOL. 2 SPECIAL EDITION, the two-pack, then the Tarantino collection as a boxed set out for Christmas...And you multiply this internationally.\" Did you read that? Never mind the fact that studios make an average of 66 percent profit margin on DVDs, according to the same NY Times article. What about the blatant greed behind selling and re-selling a similar product to unsuspecting customers who find themselves with two of essentially the same DVD? And it\'s not just Miramax. Sony also plans on re-releasing SPIDER-MAN on DVD in a new \"superbit\" format in time for the release of the sequel this June. Think you\'re getting something new? Nope, it\'s all been included before on the past DVD. MEN IN BLACK and its sequel also did a double-dip. So how much longer can we stand this? Well the first step is information. Once you\'re informed you can make the choice to NOT buy all these DVDs and let studios know you won\'t be taken advantage of so they can make a nice profit. For more on this DVD outrage, check out these articles on the subject:

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