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Stir of Echoes (SE): - August 17

This has got to be my favorite supernatural flick that was totally overlooked on its release because everyone was creaming in their undies over The Sixth Sense, written and directed by one of my favorite working screenwriters, David Koepp. Oh and it stars Kevin Bacon, sans Kera Sedgwick.


  • Commentary with Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Erbe and the lovely Illeana Douglas
  • The Hypnotism - Featurette
  • Special Effects - Featurette
  • Screen Test featurette
  • Additional screen tests clips
  • Deleted scenes
  • Storyboard comparisons
  • Theatrical trailers
  • Anamorphic widescreen transfer
  • DD 5.1 surround track

Yeah, yeah, I know you already own the first DVD but sell that one to your neighbor who doesn't know any better and spring for this one.

Kevin Bacon shouts Mel's Ransom line, "Give me back my son!", to minimal effect.

Elf - November 16

The surprise hit of last year's Christmas season. All right, it surprised the hell out of me, even if it did star the funniest-tall-guy-with-curly-hair working today.


  • Separate commentary tracks by Jon Favreau and Will Ferrell
  • Subtitle fact track
  • Nine making of featurettes (one's enough guys)
  • Deleted scenes
  • Soundtrack music cue index
  • Theatrical trailer
  • DVD ROM Exclusives
  • Anamorphic widescreen
  • DTS and Dolby Digital tracks

"What the hell am I doing here? I'm Sonny Corleone for Christsake."

Envy - August 10

Somehow the pairing of the funniest fat man since Chris Farley and the guy with the splooge on his ear just doesn't work at all (seeing as how the studio kept it on the shelf for two years). If you ask me (even though no one is), I think they should've left it there and spared us the crash and burn of these two comedic forces. Or farces. Depending on how you look at things.

Jack Black prays for Envy to be a hit. The Lord doesn't like Jack Black.

The Apprentice (S1) - August 24

I couldn't help it. I really couldn't. I tried to keep away from this Gordon Gekko "Greed is good" inspired reality show but I couldn't help but pull for my hometown's new king, Bill Rancic. Right on, Bill! You'll be wrecking plenty of gash in no time at all.


  • Exclusive sneak peek at Season 2
  • Interviews with Trump and Season 1 contestants
  • Job advice from Trump's two old advisors
  • Footage from the fired contestants' taxi rides NBC didn't want you to see (woo-hoo, sarcasm)
  • Intense(?) deleted scenes
  • Outrageous(?!) audition tapes
  • Some behind the scenes stuff and featurettes you probably don't care about

Trump's hair piece rakes in 10% of Trump's profits from the show. Like, whoa.

"I just wiped my butt with this. Take it, get lost."


Reality Bites (SE): So does banging a model and having your wife find out about it and splitting. Ethan, sorry bro. 6/8

Along Came Polly: Ben Stiller stretches his acting abilities as a lovable, up-tight loser. 6/8

Curb Your Enthusiam (S2): Larry goes somewhere and there's a misunderstanding or something. Sounds like Three's Company, only a helluva lot funnier. 6/15

The Simpsons (S4): Can they release these any slower? Fox, you need to get on the ball here. 6/15

Nip/Tuck (S1): The Pamela Anderson Story. 6/15

"Well, I guess I could leave Brad for JoBlo..."

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