New Star Wars DVD covers

UPDATE: Even more Star Wars DVD news coming in, thanks to \'Riddick\'. You can now see a 4-minute trailer for the trilogy set in both HIGH RESOLUTION and LOW RESOLUTION. Sweet.

It seems like not a month goes by that I don\'t receive some sort of half-assed "seize and desist" email from LucasFilm lawyers bitching about some story we printed months ago that "....is protected by copyright and other laws and its use elsewhere on your website is a violation of the..." It always pissed me off because most of the time 1) they\'re barking up the wrong tree, since we don\'t house any sort of "violation"-based content ourselves and 2) they come off like money-grubbing assholes who don\'t really appreciate fan-sites, fans or the continued support and friggin\' D-O-L-L-A-R-S that we\'ve been shoving down the LucasFilm throats since we were 3 years old: i.e. we\'re fans of your movies, man...not scum-suckers looking to screw you out of another billion dollars or something...lay off and enjoy the fandom before it disappears due to your lame attitudes.

With yet another LucasFilm rant off my chest, check out these very cool new individual DVD covers that the good folks over at Digital Bits recently scored. Despite the latest two Star Wars flicks not blowing my nuts off the way the earlier ones had, I\'m still damn excited about the overall series, and these ultra-cool trilogy covers just reminded me why. Check out those f*ckin\' sabers, man! Yeah! DB also got hold of another cool marketing poster for the STAR WARS DVD TRILOGY, to be released on September 21st, which you can check out below (click to see it enlarged) I remember I used to dream about Darth Vader slicing my head off when I was a kid....aaaah, the exuberance of youth. Thanks to \'Devoid-X\' for the head\'s up.

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