47 Meters Down sequel, 48 Meters Down, is swimming our way

47 METERS DOWN terrified audiences this summer by taking them to the claustrophobic depths of the ocean where there is no one to save you from hungry, hungry sharks. But you know what’s scarier than being 47 meters down? Being 48 meters down! One whole meter has the potential to add a whole new level of terror, a notion that will be proven in the newly announced sequel to the summer hit.

THR got the exclusive that a sequel – aptly titled 48 METERS DOWN – is already being written to this summer’s horror hit, with director/writer Johannes Roberts returning.  The sequel will involve shifting the location from Mexico to Brazil and will follow a group of girls as they try and explore some underwater ruins, only to find the drowned city has a new, deadly inhabitants.

The movie starred Mandy Moore and Claire Holt as two friends who get trapped below the sea while cage diving with sharks, forced into a battle for survival against a horde hungry fish. The flick was a surprise hit in a summer of duds, the indie flick making $44 million domestically (around the same as THE DARK TOWER) off a $5 million budget. No word yet on when the movie could arrive, but seeing as how quickly this movie was fast-tracked we could be treated to more shark-infested scares within the next year or two.

I didn’t get a chance to see 47 METERS DOWN, but clearly, audiences were taken by the idea of being trapped in a cage below the ocean surface and being surrounded by man-eating sharks. The creatures are among the horror kings of the summer (also proven last year with the success of THE SHALLOWS), and when Shark Week rolls in that’s a perfect time to capitalize on people’s anxieties. I'm sure sharks are actually quite friendly, but it's hard to accept that when their teeth are so...pointy.

Source: THR



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