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Check out a small sample of our latest DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES update below and then read one of the many notes that I received in regards to the money-grubbing proliferation of "special editions" in the DVD marketplace. We at JoBlo.com try to provide our own "fan\'s point of view" on all matters related to movies, but I think it\'s important for studios to realize that we\'re actually talking for "audiences" most of the time, not just ourselves. Here\'s only one of the many messages that I received complaining about this sort of business. Thanks to \'Aron\' for writing in and telling it like it is.

"I\'ve got a beef and although you bring it up from time to time, maybe you could really hit the issue because if people like you don\'t say something, then these guys will continue to do it!! What am I talking about in my rant?? I\'m talking about how the DVD releases continue to rip off the DVD buying public by trying to double dip our sorry asses. I\'m tired of it!! I\'m a huge movie fan (no, not just porn) and I spend my hard earned dollars on those special movies that I deem worthy of joining my collection. What\'s pissing me off is this release of "Special" Editions. It\'s getting ridiculous. When is enough enough? I guess when people stop buying these so called "Special" Editions...right??

Nowadays it costs you a mint to go see a flick in the first place (which incidentally limits my ability to see good films) and God forbid you actually like it (so much crap out there theses days), you decide to buy it. You wait patiently anxious to get your hands on it so you can own it forever. Oh... the magic of DVD with it\'s great quality and special features.....BUT THEN....you find out that in your eager anticipation YOU GOT DUPED into buying the bare bones because the studio releases yet another version 2 weeks later or 2 months later with even more stuff?? Could the studios at least buy me dinner first...F that!!

Now for the record, those of us with jobs don\'t have that much time to watch all the bonus stuff anyway but the point needs to be made. At least with the Lord of the Rings flicks we\'re holding out for a BETTER FINAL PRODUCT with nicely done packaging and an all encompassing story but when they bring out a THIRD disk for Pirates of the Caribbean, it looks like PIMPING!!! I bought Pirates....I bought The Bourne Identity...I was even dumb enough to buy Underworld for Kate Beckinsale\'s leather clad ass (worth every penny, by the way), and ALL of them now have new editions with more stuff.....

It ain\'t right."

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