Indy 4 & Raiders DVD?

You\'re not going to find too many more comprehensive INDIANA JONES fansites on the Net than the one called THE INDY EXPERIENCE, so when they say something is up...we gotta listen! Now before we say this, it is to note that they aren\'t confirming this news to be \"100% factual\" at this point, but a rumor. Got that? Okay. First of all, Spielberg recently spoke to Total Film Magazine about INDIANA JONES 4 and said that he would not be doing the film for either \"money or success\" (something tells me he\'s already got a little bit of both), but for \"good times\". Spielberg said, \"I\'ve always said that I had the most fun in my life making those three movies with George (Lucas) and Harrison (Ford).\"

When asked why it was taking so long, he replied, \"It\'s a very good story. It\'s worth living that long to see.\" Touche! The article also made a claim about Paramount coming out with a SPECIAL EDITION DVD of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. This isn\'t something that Spielberg himself was quoted as saying, but something that the mag implied, saying still that the shot-for-shot remake of the film made by huge fans of the movie called RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ADAPTATION, might also be included on that DVD (to read more about the three guys who created that film, click here). So there you have it. Spielberg\'s stoked about INDY 4 and so are we (including Mike Sampson\'s son named, appropriately enough...Indy!). For more info on the interview, head on over to the place to be for all things INDY --> CLICK HERE.

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