Shawshank Deluxe DVD

I can\'t believe I didn\'t hear this sooner. And I can\'t believe I\'m the only one who didn\'t know about this. But in just about two weeks time, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, one of the finest films in the history of films (in my humble opinion), will finally hit DVD in a deluxe 2-disc set. Now I had heard that SHAWSHANK was making it\'s proper debut on DVD to commemorate its 10th anniversary but I had no idea said debut was in two weeks (Oct. 5). Where\'s the buzz? Where\'s the advertisements? Meanwhile I got Herr Lucas ramming THX-1138 up my pooper sans Vaseline and I haven\'t heard/seen Thing One about this SHAWSHANK set. Well I\'m here to tell you and to tell you to tell your friends. And tell your enemies while you\'re at it. You know that girl/guy whose number is sitting on your desk and you haven\'t been able to get the courage to call them back? Pick that phone up, tell em about this disc and invite them over to watch it. By the time it\'s done you and your date will be ready for some of the old in and out. And by that I mean a Double-Double, fries and a chocolate shake. The DVD will be available in two formats - the \"Special Edition\" and then the \"Deluxe Limited Edition.\" The \"Special\" will feature new audio commentary by director Frank Darabont, two extensive documentaries, a recent Charlie Rose Show segment, storyboards, a photo gallery, the theatrical trailer, DVD-ROM extras and more. The \"Deluxe\" will feature the same plus the film\'s soundtrack, a collectable booklet and a higher price tag ($45 compared to $27 for the \"Special\"). What are you waiting for? You can pre-order the sucker now.

Oh and in equally exciting by hardly related news, Ren and Stimpy: The Complete First and Second Season\" comes out on DVD just a week later. Again - why am I just finding this stuff out now?...

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