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Paparazzi - January 11

Taking to my good ol' Uncle Pedro the other day, he droned on and on about how the guys in his wing got a chance to see a print of PAPARAZZI. He droned on that Tom Sizemore was the poor man's Michael Madsen, and if you put Michael Madsen in any of Tom Sizemore's roles, the movie goes up in value. He droned on about how he was born twenty years too late, about the reason why he was calling me up from a correctional facility in the first place was that he was going around photographing people and if he did it today, he'd be rewarded for it. I had to remind Uncle Pedro that you're not suppose to break into people's houses to take pictures of them while they're sleeping and selling the pictures on the black market. He said maybe I was right, and that he was going to look for his girlfriend Tony to "sort some things out". We hung up after that.


  • Commentary by Director Paul Abascal
  • 2 Deleted Scenes with optional commentary
  • Making of Featurette
  • Behind-the-scenes Stunt featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Widescreen and Full Screen presentations

"Tom, seriously, if you don't get out of here I'm calling your probation officer."

Alien VS. Predator - January 25

I'm not a big fan of comic books, I've actually only read maybe two in my whole life, but they've always had good stories with excellent character development and depth (from what I've been told). But who the hell though it was a good idea to put these two together in a head to head combat for universal domination? Not to mention the wimpy tag line "whoever wins, we lose." Bah!


  • Commentary by Paul W.S. Anderson, Lance Henriksen and Sanaa Lathan
  • Commentary by Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff Jr. and John Bruno
  • Alternate Opening - Viewed as part of the main feature
  • AVP Making of Featurette
  • 3 Deleted Scenes
  • Inside Look: Intro Animation, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Elektra
  • Darkhorse AVP Comic Covers Galley (65 stills)
  • DVD-Rom Features: Darkhorse's first edition of the AVP comic book, Exclusive look at the first 16 pages of the up-coming AVP graphic novel
  • 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen

Whoopi Goldberg shows that she's had enough of the Predator jokes.

Deadwood (S1) - February 5

Deadwood is my second favorite HBO show after The Sopranos. It's gritty, violent, cowboy shit. I love it. Deadwood is also, incidentally, the nickname my ex-girlfriend gave me:(


  • Audio Commentaries on 4 episodes:
    • Episode 1 with David Milch
    • Episode 4 with Molly Parker & Keith Carradine
    • Episode 5 with Brad Dourif & Robin Weingart
    • Episode 12 with Ian McShane & Tim Olyphant
  • HBO's Making of Deadwood (30 minutes)
  • History of Deadwood (45 minutes)
  • Inteview with David Milch conducted by Keith Carradine (45 minutes)

Any man who wears a bow tie is a down right sissy. Except this guy, he has guns.

Pauly Shore is Dead - January 25

I may be the only one on the planet who likes Pauly Shore. Encino Man, In the Army Now, the MTV specials he use to do. I'm a fan. And Fred Durst is his friend too. Okay, so I hate Pauly Shore now and can't wait to see Pauly Shore is Dead. And Fred Durst is Dead too, whenever that comes out.


  • Commentary by Pauly Shore
  • Interrogating the Wiez
  • Deleted scenes hosted by Pauly and the Hilton Sisters
  • Deleted scenes hosted by Pauly and Charlie Sheen
  • Stained Aaron Lewis Song "It's Been a While"
  • Making of Featurette
  • Widescreen and Full Screen presentations


The Thing (SE): John Carpenter does no wrong with The Thing, gathering up old mate Kurt Russell and Wilford Brimley (?!). 10/26

That 70's Show (S1): "Hanging out...down the street...the same ol' tail...we nailed last week." Isn't that how the theme song goes? I always forget. 10/26

21 Jump Street (S1): All you Depp fans can stop creaming in your underwear and get a fresh pair now. I've got mine;) 10/26

Survivors of a Limp Bizkit concert stand outside waiting for help.

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