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A whole lotta DVD-related X-mas fodder has been added to our DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section today, including a couple of cool-looking Luc Besson special editions for THE FIFTH ELEMENT and LEON. The first half of the former film is "the tits", but goes downhill once Chris Tucker enters the picture. 2005 also brings the Director's Cut to DONNIE DARKO, as well as a 2-pack DVD that many of us are surely going to snap up asap for the Jimmy Fallon vehicle...TAXI. And how quickly are movies going to DVD nowadays?

Ben Affleck's SURVIVING CHRISTMAS was released in theaters on October 22nd, tanked, and will be making its DVD appearance on December 21st. That's right, a little less than 2 months after it hit theaters. Wow. And if you're a fan of TV shows, February 8, 2005 is the date that you want to circle on your calendar as the first seasons for these shows are hitting the streets that day: Night Court, Miami Vice, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Murphy Brown, The Jamie Foxx Show, Full House, Deadwood, The Wayans Brothers Show and Murder One. Phew. That be a lotta shows! Anyway, click on any of our most recent additions below to be taken to our main RELEASE DATES page, or go directly to the month of your choice here: November / December / January '05 / February '05.

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