An Incredible DVD set

If you're like me (and may God pray for you if you are), THE INCREDIBLES was one of your favorite films of the year. I'm personally pulling for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards, though the competition is still and I'm not sure if they can pull it off. Whether it scores that nomination or not, I still think it's one of the best films of 2004 and I'll be there when the DVD is released with wallet open and cash out. It seems Disney is currently planning on a March release of the film in a 2-disc Special Edition. The set will feature a comprehensive "The Making of THE INCREDIBLES" feature that will feature chapters such as Story, Character Design, Set Design, Sound, Music, Lighting, Tools and much more. There will also be "Incredi-Blunders" the traditional Pixar blooper reel, the short BOUNDIN' that ran before the film in theaters, a new short titled "Jack Jack Attack" and Easter Eggs that feature some of the Bob and Dash stunts from the film. At the same time, Disney/Pixar is expected to reduce the price on existing DVDs such as A BUG'S LIFE, MONSTER'S INC. and FINDING NEMO. Sounds like a great time to catch up on some great animation. And if you haven't yet, please make sure to see THE INCREDIBLES in a theater. Sure it will be great to watch on a DVD at home, but nothing beats the theater experience. Stay tuned for more on this DVD as the date approaches.

Source: Walt Disney



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