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There are a ton of new additions to our DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section this week, including a very cool-looking cover and idea called BATMAN AND ROBIN: THE COMPLETE 1949 MOVIE SERIAL COLLECTION, coming out on March 22nd, which should be a neat one to own (yeah, I ordered it "blind" like a dummy), as well as a Special Edition of STAND BY ME which should be good, a Special Edition of MISS CONGENIALITY which should be useless, and two versions of the SEED OF CHUCKY, one of which is unrated and extended, and the other of which is rated and full screen (yawn). One of the shows that I remember fondly from the 80s was also announced in THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, as well as a show that I remember, only so slightly, and yet it has a pretty cool cover, which is why I'm featuring it here: "Who loves ya, baby?".

You can see some of our additions below, and as per usual, click on any of them to be taken to our main DVD RELEASE DATES page, or go directly to the month of your choice here: January '05 / February '05 / March '05 / April '05. Tons of new stuff in March...


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