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Sin City - August 16

You know by now that there will be a bare ass edition of this released, and if you read the JoBlo.com interview with Robert Rodriguez then you also know he's planning on releasing a colossal special edition loaded with extra scenes and all sorts of cool shit, ala the special editions of Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Desperado. So, you know, just hang in there.

"So I told her, 'yeah, sure you can drive but can you drive stick?' Then she clawed my face. Love that girl."

Warner Home Video Catalogue - August 30

Speaking of bare ass editions, Warner Home Video is rolling out extra-less editions of the quite unfunny Chris Farley/Matthew Perry helmed Almost Heroes, an underrated Bill Murray comedy (hey, it's no Caddyshack but whatever) Quick Change, and the Brian DePalma classic Wise Guys where you can see old school wrestler Captain Lou Albano in his underwear. "These are the weirdest looking pillowcases." "They're my underwear, asshole!"

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary - July 19

Most people know the old urban legend of drinking Pop Rocks and Coke being a "killer" drink (zing!), but you can also snort Pop Rocks and get major body high. Some dude told me that one. The Bloody Mary sequel went straight to video/DVD and will include a making of featurette and a theatrical trailer (but it went straight to DVD?! what tha??) You can also catch Bloody Mary in a three set box set of the Urban Legend movies cleverly titled: Urban Legends DVD Collection.

Thundercats (S1): Volume 1 - August 9

If you're always arguing with your boyfriend/girlfriend/Mom about how you always sit around eating cereal in your underwear, watching cartoons, and basically not moving on with the next step of your life even though you write a cool ass column for the coolest movie website on the net (huh?), well, the release of one of the greatest cartoons ever will certainly put more of a damper on your home life. Just tell them watching all these cartoons is "research" for your new screenplay, then rip out the classifieds of your local paper and arbitrarily circle random jobs you have no interest in, finally leaving them in places all of your home so the boyfriend/girlfriend/Mom will get off your back and let you eat cereal in your underwear and watch cartoons in peace.

Oh yeah, the release of the 65 episode first season of Thundercats will be broken down into two volumes. The first three disc set volume will contain 33 episodes and so far, one bonus feature called Feel the Magic, Hear the Roar: ThunderCats Fans Speak Out. In that feature, Wil Wheaton of Star Trek (and Gordy from Stand By Me) and other loyal Super Fans give their memories and support to this animation classic. Awesome, but I call dibs on Lionel.

Menu Shots

The Wedding Date


Chappelle's Show (S2): Say it ain't so Dave, say it ain't so. 5/24

The Aviator: You can tell this might have been a labor of love for Scorsese, but let's see some more people with their heads put in a vice. 5/24

Man on Fire (SE): Awesome, awesome flick. Denzel's the man. 5/24

Fat Actress (S1): Kristy Alley's fat, and she's not afraid to show it. Please hand me that barf bag....no no, the bigger one. 5/24

"I'm crazy, bitch!"

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