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The Truman Show (SE) - August 23

Not a bad "serious" Jim Carrey flick but it can't top The Majestic. Jim wanted to showcase how "serious" he could be as an actor in one of his first "serious" roles in The Truman Show. Whatever, we all love you more when you're talking with your buttcheeks and contorting your face. In any case, a double dip may be in order for this special edition. It'll have a brand spankin' new anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 track. Extras will include deleted & extended scenes. That's it? F*ck me, man, maybe a double dip isn't in order. Perhaps the extras will change and if they do, we'll update you in a new column. I was kidding about The Majestic by the way.

"Sure, it looks nice; but look at the location."

Kung Fu Hustle - August 9

It turns out what looked like a cheesy, faux-chop socky flick is actually a.....cheesy, faux-chop socky flick....but in a good way! According to JoBlo and Roger Ebert anyway. I swear, if I didn't see a picture of those two in the same frame, mud wrestling while watching Airplane! then I'd believe they were the same person. No details have been provided as to extras and shit, but if you look at the menu shot below, there are in fact, some special features. What they are, who the hell knows. Stay tuned!

Ghostbusters GIft Set - July 19

Something strange, in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Your momma! Was I born yesterday? Maybe, but I thought, even when it was released that the Ghostbusters movie and it's terrible sequel was one of the most unfunny movies starring some of the funniest dudes around that I've ever seen. Lot of talent and a lot of fluff. Anyway, the two-disc set will have both films in an newly remastered anamorphic transfers and Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks. You'll also have an audio commentary (with director Ivan Reitman, writer/actor Harold Ramis and producer Joe Medjuck), some deleted scenes, three featurettes, storyboards, multi-angle features and two ectoplasmic episodes from the animated "Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters" series, which oddly enough, is also terrible.

X-Files Mythology Vol 2: Black Oil - August 2

Below you'll find episode listings for this extra spay-cial four disc set of the X-Files flicks, which also includes the second part of a documentary found on the first Volume. You might as well be speaking freaking Hebrew or something to me, because I don't know what the hell's going on with this episode listing. Maybe you need a secret decoder ring. Check out the badass artwork below


  • 3x09: Nisei
  • 3x10: 731
  • 3x15: Piper Maru
  • 3x16: Apocrypha
  • 3x24: Talitha Cumi (with optional commentary by Bob Goodwin)
  • 4x01: Herrenvolk
  • 4x09: Tunguska
  • 4x10: Terma
  • 4x15: Memento Mori (with optional commentary by Rob Bowman)
  • 4x17: Tempus Fugut
  • 4x18: Max (with optional commentary by Kim Manners)
  • 4x21: Zero-Sum
  • 4x24: Gethsemane
  • 5x02: Redux
  • 5x03: Redux II

The Brown Bunny - August 16

A Superbit addition is being released, finally, for Vincent Gallo's ode to the road. When I saw him in Chicago at a screening for The Brown Bunny (read about that shit HERE) Gallo answered every question, positive and negative without a hint of pretension. Not bad for getting head on screen.

Chloe and Vincent Gallo's knob...spanning time."

Menu Shots

Star Trek: Insurrection (CE)


Over the Top: You think Sly Stallone got famous from the movie Oscar? Ha! You're f-f-foolin'. 5/31

Moonlighting (S1&2): Apparently Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard hated each other on this show, which is probably why it makes the chemistry here so good. 5/24

Bullitt (SE): One of Steve McQueen's best movies, and that's saying a lot. When car chases ruled the Earth... 5/31

Be Cool: Worth it, if only to hear Vince Vaughn say "Twinkle twinkle, baby." 6/7

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