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This week's additions to our DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section seem to be all about "the sex" with the sequel to XXX making its appearance on the boards, along with the sequel to THE RING (I don't need to tell you what "type" of ring they're talking about, right...wink, wink!), an '80s TV show starring Heather Locklear that contains the word "Hooker" in its title (I'm so there!), something called STEAMBOY (let your imagination run wild, boys and boys), KUNG FU HUSTLE, which has something to do with martial arts and prostitutes apparently, MAN OF THE HOUSE which features a picture of a cowboy standing in front of 5 cheerleaders (isn't that the cover of every other porn you've ever rented??), the BROWN BUNNY which features an actual "actress" giving an actual "actor" an actual "pipejob", something called HIDE AND SEEK, A LOT LIKE LOVE and boy-oh-boy...you know what, I can't even continue...this is sickening! Hollywood has become so, so very dirty...tsk, tsk, tsk.

That said, I've already pre-ordered pretty much all of the titles above, and might just rent GLADIATOR in case I want to toss one off vis-a-vis the boys from TROY. I don't know...maybe it's just the booze talking. Either way, check out all of the latest below!

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