$80 million sci-fi thriller based on Tetris to be part of a trilogy

There's always several video game flicks in development, some that are more baffling than others, and currently at the top of that list is Tetris. Different-sized blocks...arranging them so that they form a line...that's pretty much it. That's what we have to go off of in order to fill a feature-length film. Well, in case you thought some of those details might be glossed over in the span of one film, you can rest easy; they're planning on shooting three.

As Deadline reports, Threshold Global Studios are eyeing to create a trilogy from Tetris, starting with an $80-million budget for the first film. China will be one of the main draws, as it will be filmed there and feature a Chinese cast as part of an ensemble. Producer Larry Kasanoff states that it's “not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise.” As of now, it's being billed as a Sci-Fi/Thriller because, well, what else do you call this thing?!?

I don't know how many fans of Tetris are out there waiting for a film adaptation of their favorite game, but I imagine the term "niche market" comes heavily into play. Why even use the name is beyond me, but while they're swinging for the fences, why not get John Williams to adapt the classic Tetris theme? Maybe Christopher Nolan can shoot it in IMAX?

If this is what they have in mind, I am so on board!

Source: Deadline



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