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Mallrats (SE) - September 20

IMHO, Mallrats has the most one liners per capita than any other Smith movie. Along with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, it's my favorite Smith movie to quote. Looks as though Mallrats will get the Clerks X treatment, as it should, but don't expect a new commentary, as Kevin thinks that everything that has been said about it is on the existing commentary. So where's the f*cking skooner then? Tentative specs are below.

Side One: Mallrats Theatrical Cut

  • Original On Set Cast Interviews (New)
  • A Brief Q&A With Kevin Smith (New)
  • The Erection Of An Epic - The Making Of Mallrats (New)
  • Bloopers (New)
  • View Askew's Look Back At Mallrats (Old)
  • Feature Commentary (Old)
  • Theatrical Trailer (Old)
  • The Goops "Build Me Up Buttercup" (Old)
Side Two: Mallrats Re-Cut (Extended Cut)

  • Kevin And Scott's Introduction (New)
  • Mallrats Cast Reunion Q&A Session (New)

Polar Express - November 22

Apparently there will be a whole gift set of this available for you and the little rugrats when this is released in November. What's included? Probably a creepy ass Tom Hanks looking figurine and some snow. Oh, and a train.

Disc One: Main Feature

  • English, French and Spanish DD5.1 Surround
  • English, French and Spanish subtitles
  • Theatrical Trailer
Disc Two: Extra Features
  • Never-before-seen Smokey and Steamer Song
  • You Look Familiar: The Many "Polar Faces" of Tom Hanks featurette
  • A Genuine Ticket to Ride featurette
  • True Inspirations: An Author's Adventure - Profiling Chris Van Allsburg
  • Believe - Josh Groban performs at the Greek Theatre
  • Behind the Scenes of Believe - Bringing a hit song to life in the recording studio
  • Polar Express Challenge
  • Meet the Snow Angels: The Moviemakers' Christmas Memories
  • THQ PC Game Demo with 2 Playable Levels
  • DVD-Rom Weblink to the online world of The Polar Express

"Last train to Creepsville: all aboard!"

The Fly 1&2 (SE) - September 27

I've got to admit something, I've never seen the sequel to the Fly and about the only thing I remember from its predecessor, was that gross ending where Geena Davis is all like, "I love this fly, but he's a fly for Godsake," and then blasts Jeff Goldblum (fly) with a shotgun, and fly juice and entrails flies (no pun intended) everywhere. The only reason why I remember that from childhood was immediately after seeing that, my Dad said, "Who wants dinner?" What a bastard. You can check out the specs for The Fly HERE and The Fly 2 HERE.

Jeff Goldblum in total Fly makeup.

The Honeymooners - October 18

So, the dudes over at DavisDVD are reporting the release of The Honeymooners in October (no specs released yet) but interestingly, the film will probably be re-cut for a PG rating, according to the studio's press site (the film originally had a PG-13 rating.) Why, that's the dumbest idea I've heard since......I caught wind of there being a Honeymooners remake with Cedric The Entertainer. Stay tuned for specs as they're released, if you're into it.

Man, look how offensive this is.

Menu Shots

Gladiator (Extended Edition)


Constantine (SE): Keanu Reeves, where's this guy been? What happened to the band, dude? 7/19

Crow: Wicked Prayer: It's the kid from Terminator 2 and guess what, his voice still cracks. Why is here? Who the hell would be scared of a twenty-something year old dude in the body of 15 year old girl? 7/19

Urban Legends 3-Pack: I had no idea there were three already. 7/19

Laguna Beach (S1): Part reality TV, part The O.C. Nice looking young, rich, blondies who are clueless to predators like me. Am I bad person for that? 7/19

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