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Are you a fan of BATMAN? If so, don't bother reading the rest of my schpiel and go directly to October 18th on our DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES schedule and get ready to have yourself a jolly ol' time. There are no less than 9 different BATMAN titles coming out that day, including two versions of this summer's blockbuster BATMAN BEGINS, as well as the long-awaited special editions of the rest of the BATMAN flicks, including the shitty Schumachers.

October 18th is also another big day for fans of the brothers Coen. Not only is their cult-classic THE BIG LEBOWSKI being released in an extra-special edition, but it's also being sold with a gift set which includes coasters, cards and a shammy towel (you know what to do with that, don't you?). We're also getting something called THE COEN BROTHERS COLLECTION which includes their films THE BIG LEBOWSKI, BLOOD SIMPLE, THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE and INTOLERABLE CRUELTY for only $29!! A pretty damn good deal, if I don't say so myself. But I know that most of you have been checking this column for one sequel and one sequel only and it's finally arrived, people: SINGLE WHITE FEMALE 2: THE PSYCHO! (Oct. 25) Buy it, watch it, love it!!!

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