9 director Shane Acker teams up with Valve for his next movie

9 action banner

This is... unexpected and fascinating.  9 was an intriguing adventure that took a fantastic short film and stretched the story out far beyond what it could handle, but perhaps working with the storytelling masters at Valve will help director Shane Acker to flesh his next movie out more. Acker and Valve will work in conjunction with Brown Bag Films, a company which works on short films and various children's TV programs.  The project comes with the title DEEP and "is a post-World War III, post-apocalyptic, underwater adventure film."

Valve's Source engine has currently "been licensed to assist with animation.  Valve's tools and technologies, based on its Source game engine, allow Acker and Brown Bag real-time rendering, and editing, simplified character animation." 

Using Valve's Source engine will also allow for an easier transition between development on the movie and development of the game based on the movie, and seeing as how INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE was distributed via Steam it's not a huge stretch to conceive that DEEP could take the same route. 

The movie is currently in preproduction.

9 character banner

Source: Game Informer



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