90s nostalgia at full-speed as Sonic Mania unleashes launch trailer!

I've always loved Sonic the Hedgehog. When I was a kid, I was definitely part of the SEGA team, while most of my friends were playing Super Nintendo. But that didn't matter, because it meant I was a rebel, with the cool, edgier mascot! A rebel who fell for Poochie-level corporate marketing and to this day overemphasizes brands as a way to form an identity! Totally radical!

To be fair, the games were actually really fun. Well, the original games were. Unfortunately, Sonic hasn't had a playable game in twenty years, unless you count guest-starring stints in games like SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL. It seems SEGA knows that, as they seem to be "Proudly Presenting" repackaged levels and a new game that harkens back to Sonic's 2D, sprite-based, blast processing past. Will it work out? Well, I want to buy it, so I think the answer is yes. Especially after whatever the fuck this is:

Meanwhile SONIC MANIA speeds toward consoles today!

Extra Tidbit: I always preferred Sonic to Mario as a kid. I still do.
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