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The Weatherman - January 31

I've lost track but this has to be the quickest turn around from theatre to DVD. I've always stated that I really dislike Nic Cage, but over the last seven years or so (I know, odd number) he's slowly grown on me, much like the athlete's foot I've acquired since going back to the gym. Also, The Weatherman was filmed in my hometown of Chicago, right downtown, and if you look really closely, you can see my sweet ass walking down Wabash Ave. as Nic Cage gets smothered with a milkshake. Good times, goooood times.


  • Relative Humidity: The Characters
  • Trade Winds: The Collaboration
  • Atmospheric Pressure: The Style and Palette
  • Extended Outlook: The Script
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Seperate Anamorphic Widescreen and Full Screen Widescreen

Nic Cage gets a warm Chicago welcome. We love you, Nic!

Two For The Money - January 17

You can find the specs below that were recently released along with some menu shots of the DVD. Sadly missing is a shot of Al Pacino screaming, but hey, isn't that Chicago area native Jeremy Piven? You bet your sweet ass it is!


  • Feature Commentary by writer Dan Gilroy and director DJ Caruso
  • Deleted scenes with optional commentary tracks by Dan Gilroy and DJ Caruso
  • Insider Interview: The Real Brandon - Get a first-hand look into the high-stakes world of sports betting
  • The Freeroll: The Making of Two for the Money - behind-the-scenes featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots

Hustle & Flow - January 10

Everybody and they baby's mama simply blew their collective loads over this flick. To me, it's just another urban flick contributing to the dumbing down of our culture. Damn, I'm sounding like Bill O'Reilly and shit over here. I've liked Terence Howard in his other movies, especially Crash and would like to see him in another meaty role. The kid from Road Tripshows up and bums me out because he probably gets laid a lot more than I do.


  • Commentary by writer/director Craig Brewer
  • Behind The Hustle featurette
  • By Any Means Necessary featurette
  • Creatin’ Crunk featurette
  • Memphis Hometown Premiere
  • 6 Promotional Spots

Like lava in a lava lamp; so are the days of our lives.

Oliver Twist - December 26

It never ceases to amaze me how celebrities and entertainers in general (including sports) can get away with murder (Jayson Williams, Robert Blake, OJ), and in Polankski's case, molestation. Yeah, I know he made The Pianist, I know he made Chinatown and Rosemary's Baby, but why is that a free pass, get of jail free card? Priests are rounded up every day by the choir load and prosecuted for taking advantage of their position (hardy har) and the innocence of youth. I could go on and on, but there it is, my rant for today and I'm cutting it short as to not completely bum you out and bore you to death .


  • Twist by Polanski: Documentary from Roman Polanski’s point of view
  • Kidding with Oliver Twist: A look at the kids who starred on the film
  • The Best of Twist: Sets, costumes, photography, editing and music

Menu Shots

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Dark Water (Unrated)


War of the Worlds (SE): A very good summer popcorn flick. Cruise yells in it too. Awesome! 11/22

8MM 2: Yeah, I didn't even know this came out either. 11/22

The Honeymooners: Knew this came out; avoided like the plague. 11/22

9 Songs (Unrated): Contains hardcore on-screen screwing and blowing. Also has music from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. You had me at, "Take your trousers off"! 11/22

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Two for the Money, The Simpsons (S7), Broken Flowers, Into the Blue....


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