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Jarhead - March 7

So was it an anti-war movie? Pro-war? Anti-America movie? Pro-America movie? Who cares! What bothers me the most about Jarhead is that one pic of Jake Gyllenhall with a Santa cap, kneeling in front of another Marine, and it looks like he's about to go "bobbing for apples." And by "bobbing for apples" I do mean, "taking one for the team." and by THAT I mean.....never mind. I guess it bothered me more that I was strangely aroused by the the pic and immediately went to go see Brokeback Mountain...which was sold out. Dammit! How does guy catch a break in this Godforsaken world? So far, we haven't received any specs, we do know that there will be a single-disc special edition and a two-disc collector's edition of Jarhead. The single-disc will retail at around $29.98, and the collector's edition, which includes a collectible photo book, that'll run you $39.98. I know what you're thinking: That's ONE expensive photo book. But it's totally killer! Hoo-rah, bitches!. Check back right here for updates on the specs.

The Ice Harvest - February 28th

Didn't this just get released like two weeks ago? And why do I feel the need to point out how quick the turnaround from theatrical release to DVD release is every single time? Because I barely put on my damn duck shoes (it's cold and icy in Chicago) to peep this out in the theatre. Shit, I might as well wait another two months for the DVD then. Look for an audio commentary with director and fellow Chicagoan Harold Ramis, a Beneath the Harvest featurette, an Anatomy of a Scene feature, two alternate endings, an outtake, and a Cracking the Story featurette. Those Anatomy of a Scene features are always good.

Waiting - February 7

Let me just say to all of my friends and even those of you I don't know who work in the food and beverage industry: I HEART YOU! Dealing with so many frustrating personalities throughout the day, you've shown that you can deal with any kind of situation and all while maintaining your composure and exhibiting your Saint-like patience. It is for all of this, I salute you! Sorry everyone, but I had to get that out because I'm heading to lunch in a few minutes and it worries me every single time I go, because, well, this one time I wasn't sure if that mayonaise was actually mayonaise. But I ate it anyway.....and LOVED IT! Special features on the single-disc rated edition will include deleted scenes, bloopers, That Little Extra Mini Documentary and trailers. The two-disc Un-Rated edition will include the rated features, along with Interactive/Expanded Cast and Crew Commentary, a Telustrator Film Maker Commentary, Sending It Back Testimonials, Cast Audition Tapes and a Casting Director Interview.

The Roast of Pamela Anderson - February 16

If anyone saw it on Comedy Central earlier this year, it was actually pretty damn funny. I thought there could be only so much "tit" and "Tommy Lee has a dong" jokes but apparently not. Good shit. Comedianne Lisa Lampinelli has by far the best roast and is one vulgar, cruel lady, not to mention she's "bust your gut" funny. Extras will include "exclusive rehearsal footage", uncensored outtakes, red carpet interviews and more.

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Four Brothers: John Singleton doing John Wayne, Detroit-style. Reprezent! 12/20

Rebound: It's exactly what a Martin Lawrence movie should be called. Now if he can just fit the concept of rebounding into his career, he wouldn't have to do trite like this. 12/20

Into the Blue: Jessica Alba...Paul Walker....bathing suits. Need I say more? Okay...a two piece bathing suit! 12/26

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