Psylocke in X3?

UPDATED - The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today what we first reported below; that Mei Melancon will indeed star as Psylocke in X3! Not as a member of the X-Men though but along with Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Still pretty cool addition, I say!

I always thought one of the best characters not to be included in any of the X-MEN films so far was Psylocke. Perhaps I'm biased by seeing her many appearances in the Marvel Swimsuit Specials as a kid. Well it seems that Brett Ratner, director of X3, is intent to pack this latest X-MEN installment with as many mutants as he can and we got a report from an X3 extra who says that Psylocke has made the cut. He reports that Meiling Melancon is starring as Psylocke in the movie. Melancon hasn't done much acting work but one of her earlier roles was in RUSH HOUR 2...with Brett Ratner. Our scooper describes her look as "short purple hair and purple eyes and kinda strappy looking stuff on her arms." He also adds that she'll resemble more the new look Psylocke with the "crimson red mark" over her eye. It doesn't sound like the classic Psylocke look I'm all about but she certainly is a comely lass. But wasn't Psylocke British in the comics? Her father was Captain Britain if I remember correctly [UPDATE: I've since been reminded by a number of readers that although she was British, her mind was transferred into the Asian body we see in the comics as her British body died. Just so ya know...]. Then again some of the earlier illustrations certainly give her an Asian look so perhaps they're following illustrations rather than X-Men lore. How much screentime Psylocke will have remains to be seen but she's apparently in there if you look! Hopefully Fox will start revealing more about the mutant cameos as the release approaches...

Source: JoBlo.com



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