A dead Kaiju won't stop city construction in this new image from Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim banner

PACIFIC RIM isn't out until July so there hasn't been much news on the film since the trailers besides a few pictures here and there. The trailers blew most people away and everyone I've talked to can't wait to see the colossal robots and monsters slugging it out.

The official Facebook page for PACIFIC RIM has posted this new image of a city in ruins and a dead Kaiju that more than likely caused the devestation:

Dead Kaiju

The picture comes with the caption: "We will rebuild the city around its bones." It's a pretty epic image and like the giant footprint picture that was recently released it helps establish just how big these creatures really are. I've mentioned before about how good of a job they've done with showcasing the size of the Kaiju and Jaegers in PACIFIC RIM and this is another perfect example of that.

When you stop and think about it not much really has been released for PACIFIC RIM but I'm not complaining. I want to see more of the Kaiju and Jaegers in action but I don't want the best parts "wasted" in a trailer. I think there are going to be a lot of surprises in store for us when PACIFIC RIM comes out and I'm glad Guillermo Del Toro and company aren't going to spoil things for us too much.

PACIFIC RIM rocket punches its way into theaters on July 11th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: I think the quote "Ready to activate the Jaeger" from the trailers should be how people order Jagermeister from bars from now on because that's all I can think of when I hear it.



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