A disturbing trailer for William Friedkin's Exorcism documentary looms

In William Friedkin's THE DEVIL AND FATHER AMORTH, the legendary director of THE EXORCIST (1973) invites us on a tour that leads from the iconic Exorcist steps in Georgetown to Italy, where we're introduced to 91-year-old Father Gabriele Amorth, official exorcist of the Diocese of Rome. With a keen eye, and his storied flourish for presenting documentary materials, Friedkin follows Father Amorth as he makes house calls, and investigates instances of possession among his people. Along Friedkin and Father Amorth's journey, the filmmaker also delves into the history of demonic lore, and how medieval belief is still alive and well in today's modern times.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Friedkin was invited by Amorth to bear witness and film the Father's ninth exorcism for a woman named Cristina, who had been under Amorth's care for quite some time. As per the arrangement, no other crew were permitted to join Friedkin during the filming, which takes place is a room lit only by the natural rays of the sun. Accompanying the footage of Cristina's exorcism is a series of interviews involving priests and psychologists, neurosurgeons and non-believers. Centered on the charismatic Father Amorth, Friedkin's documentary dares viewers to question their beliefs as he investigates the unknown, presents what could be the first real exorcism caught on film, and laughs in the face of the devil itself.

THE DEVIL AND FATHER AMORTH is set for release on April 20th

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