A fanmade Avengers poster looks eerily like the real thing

THE AVENGERS hasn't even begun filming yet - that will happen this summer - but anticipation for the crossover superhero film is already through the roof. How else could you explain fan posters for a movie that is still over a year away? (Oh wait, fans will create posters for movies that don't even exist? Nevermind...)

Normally, I'm loathe to post any fan created promotional material for movies on the site, mostly because I actually loathe them. They're horribly created and constructed and may serve as interesting Photoshop exercises for the bored and overzealous but serve no other real purpose. But this fanmade AVENGERS poster is remarkable for two reasons: a) it's Photoshop skill and b) it looks very similar to what I'd imagine would be the final AVENGERS poster.

That's not to say that it's a great poster, but many final superhero movies aren't great posters; they're Photoshop amalgamations of various members of the cast over some random explosions and shit (i.e., the IRON MAN 2 poster). I'll be curious to revisit this sometime next spring and see how close this mysterious artist came to the real deal.

UPDATE - PL Boucher, the artist behind the poster, wrote in and said he has an updated version of the poster with some more recent promotional materials used. He's got a bunch of posters on his DeviantArt page including, yes, a DARK KNIGHT RISES mock-up.

Extra Tidbit: I couldn't find any information on the artist so if you know who created this, let me know.
Source: JoBlo.com



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