A fifth Game of Thrones prequel in the works at HBO

So Winter if finally here, and GAME OF THRONES is unfortunately coming to an end. While the series has had its ups-and-downs (though I personally loved the more blockbuster-y seventh season), it's still wildly popular. So it makes sense that HBO wants to milk that dragon's teet (do dragon's have teets?) until they run dry. So that means...spin-offs! Or more accurately, prequels (and we all know how well that always goes...)

Anyway, while it was already reported four were being written and developed (two with the help of author of the original novels George R.R. Martin himself), a fifth one has been announced, this one developed by long-time writer/producer Bryan Cogman (writer of such episodes as "Stormborn" and "The Laws of Gods and Men"). No plot details of any of the five developing prequels as of yet - though we do know they won't deal with Robert's Rebellion or the popular novellas DUNK AND EGG (which is a bummer). It should also be noted that five prequels are being developed, but not necessarily produced, meaning there's a possibility of only one actually being greenlit and making it to air.

So, what do you Schmoes think? You down for more GAME OF THRONES? And if so, what spin-off/prequel would you like to see? Sound off below!

Meanwhile the series proper won't premiere until 2019, while the prequels won't be developed until a year later, so probably 2020 the earliest.

Extra Tidbit: I'd like to see a sitcom about the young Lannisters...it'd be like YOUNG SHELDON, except funnier and with less existential despair.
Source: EW



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