A film about that infamous 1981 Charles Manson interview is in the works

Many of us know that being the new kid in town can be a tough gig, though it appears as if the newly launched Bohemia Group is doing just fine for themselves. Who's that, you ask? Well, Bohemia Group Originals (BGO) is the recently formed production arm of Bohemia Group, a 25 year old international talent management company. Today, it's been announced via Variety that BGO is in the process of developing a film based on the 1981 jailhouse interview conducted by "Tomorrow" host Tom Snyder with the notorious mass murderer Charles Manson.

Heading up the project will be CEO of Bohemia, Susan Ferris, with Kevin Courtney set to write the yet untitled film which is based on actual events. The film will focus primarily on Tom Snyder, who near the time of the famous interview with Manson was known to be desperate for a big break in his career. With the aid of his new executive producer, Roger Ailes, Snyder managed book the first-ever sit down chin wag session with Manson, which then marked a sea change of events that would change late night television entertainment as we know it. 

Manson, the batshit crazy leader of the Manson family gang that murdered Sharon Tate and six other people. Manson has been rotting in a jail cell since late 1969 and is still in prison while serving nine consecutive life sentences. Here's the thing though, despite the interview being among one of the most famous in journalism history, Snyder's show was canceled in 1982. However, his friend Ailes became the founding CEO of Fox News in 1996. He resigned as Chairman and CEO last year following allegations that he sexually harassed female colleagues. Sounds like old Ailes has been running plays from the old Bill O'Reilly handbook, eh?

In sharing her thought about the project, Susan Ferris stated, “We are so pleased to be working with Ron and Kevin on this outstanding film project. These real-life personalities are amazing roles and we cannot wait to see them on screen. The underlying story themes, with particular emphasis on hard-hitting journalism, could not be more timely." 

No casting or production information regarding this untitled Manson film has been released at this time. Be sure to keep an eye out though, as I'm sure this will turn into quite the interesting venture as cameras start to roll.

Extra Tidbit: Charles Manson never technically killed anyone. He was convicted under California statutes that allowed murder conspirators to be culpable via “vicarious liability,” which did not demand their presence at a murder to convict.
Source: Variety



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