A filming location and a very cool production title have been revealed for Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World title art

Who ever thought we'd even ever have a THOR movie, let alone a sequel? I definitely didn't.  And I definitely don't mind one bit.  

THOR: THE DARK WORLD is gearing up for production to start next month, and the residents of the area in and around Bourne Wood in England recently received a letter that tells them of a "comic book adaptation set in another 'fictional realm'" which will be filming "in the coming months."  The letter, which you can find below, never outright says THOR: THE DARK WORLD, but it's really not all that large of a leap to make the connection.

Especially when you consider the production's placeholder title of THURSDAY MOURNING, which is a pretty blunt Thor reference and needs to be the title of a proper movie as soon as humanly possible. 

"We are writing to let you know about some filming about to be undertaken in Bourne Wood in the coming months. Please find a brief overview and introduction to this project.

'Thursday Mourning' is the working title of a major feature film. It is comic book adaptation set in another 'fictional realm'.

We will be establishing a fictional village set in another realm, with yurts and village like dressing in the bowl. The sequence involves a battle between two kingdoms, ending in our comic book hero arriving to save the day. The sequence will involve a substantial amount of Stunts and controlled special effects all within the hours 0700 - 1900hrs.

We plan to use most of the areas that are usually occupied by film units for all our support vehicles. The sequence will involve approximately 300 extras who will arrive in the early hours prior to call time to go through costume and makeup."

Bourne Wood has been used for a whole lot of filming over the years - a list of the many movies you've seen that make use of Bourne Wood can be found here (including another recent Marvel production).  The use of this location seems to strongly substantiate past elf-related rumors, which makes me all the more excited for THOR: THE DARK WORLD's release date of November 8th, 2013.

Kat Dennings red carpet

Not to mention how more of Kat Dennings is always (always always) appreciated.

Extra Tidbit: Even with the existence of THOR and THOR: THE DARK WORLD, I still vote for a few more movies based on Viking mythology. How has nobody tried to put Ragnarok on screen yet? Wait! Avengers 3! I'm a genius!
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